Monday, February 11, 2008

Bemused By Butter

I was making my way through a Wal-Mart the other day grabbing a few grocery items at a frenetic pace, mostly out of a deep desire to get out of that mullet convention as fast as possible, when I glanced at the dairy section. It was there that I spied something I had never seen in the blue-vested depths of Wal-Mart, Challenger Unsalted Butter, a go-to necessity in the kitchen, no? The low price struck me as odd, despite the fact I was--very annoyingly--in Wal-Mart, but I grabbed a box anyway. When I got home I soon found out why Wal-Mart even had the stuff, much less at such a low cost...

Seems Wally's World must get the rejected and diverted butter, deemed unsuitable for more better markets. ^_^; Granted, it is the same thing I'd find at Harmon's or Target...I just found this amusing.

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Cookie baker Lynn said...

If you're smart enough to figure out the measurements without the wrapper, it looks like a good score!

I'm not sure I'm smart enough for that. Thanks for catching the typo on my blog. Yes, it is supposed to be 1-3/4 cups not 1-3/34 cups. That would be a wee bit tricky to measure.