Thursday, July 5, 2007

Lavender Pie and Cookies for Consideration

If you look back to my very first post, I went over how I created my own, delicious, lavender honey which was to be for a pie. Well hold your breath no more as I made and we ate said pie yesterday.

May I present...*ta da!*

The Lavender Honey and Yogurt Pie. Beautiful, isn't it? *sniffle*
(The picture isn't very good, I know, but I had to snap it quickly then go to the barbecue)

Everyone at the barbecue seemed to be a little confused as to what lavender honey was. Some even seemed a little reluctant to try it, but once they did no one questioned my pie any further. The flavor is, of course, sweet but it doesn't punch you in the face. The lavender added a delicious, floral, freshness to the pie which when taken with the tangyness of the yogurt made this a wonderful dessert for a Summer evening. And the peaches added a fresh brightness to the pie.

I definitely will be trying the recipe again, but I'm thinking of what other flavors I could infuse with the honey to change the pie.

I also took a dozen on the Dark Chocolate Chipotle Cookies, too. Everyone was skeptical about them and hesitated to try them. But with a little push from me almost everyone tried at least a piece of a cookie. In general the cookies got a positive review. No one there had even tried the chocolate/pepper combo before, but they went over well. One reaction that I had not anticipated was that the spiciness of the cookies cause everyone to really stop and consider the cookie. They didn't just eat it and call it good. They would take a bite, chew it slowly, look at the cookie, inspect it, experience it, and continue. I enjoy it when my family and friends like what I cook, but I really love it when they actually stop and think about what they're eating. It's refreshing for me.

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